101 Boat Puns That Are Not Oar-ring

Do your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews love boats and jokes? Then set sail with us! Come high tide or low, these boat puns are shore to make the whole family laugh. They’re all ferry impressive and knot at all oar-ring! 

Boat Puns Tug Good To Be True

  1. These boat puns are keeling me!
  2. I had a hull of a time boating. 
  3. You’ve yacht to be kidding me!
  4. He’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’!
  5. Win or cruise, I’ll be sure to get my hands on that boat. 
  6. Sail yeah!
  7. Yachta yachta yachta!
  8. I’m retiring from boating. I’m taking a bow. 
  9. Plank you very much!
  10. Rudder you than me. 
  11. I was oar-ed on the boating trip because it was so misty! 
  12. The captain claimed to have weapons of mast destruction on deck.
  13. I’d much rudder nautical. 
  14. Oh, quit being so stern!
  15. An army boat is a weapon of a salt. 
  16. The boating enthusiast finally married his sweetheart. What a ferry-tale ending!
  17. Stern, baby! Stern!
  18. The old pirate is a real pain in the boat. 
  19. I’d say it was a boat time!
  20. What’s all this a boat then?

Punny Famous Boat Names

  1. Halle Ferry
  2. Hilary Plank
  3. Mariah Ferry
  4. Michael Oar-den
  5. Natalie Portman 
  6. Oar-gen Freeman 
  7. Tidey Klum
  8. Tom Cruise
  9. Scuba Gooding Jr
  10. Salter White
  11. Pier-ce Brosnan
  12. Paul Rudder
  13. Mast Damon
  14. Johnny Depth
  15. Bait Winslow
  16. Bait Blanchett
  17. Angelina Row-lie
  18. Ferry Manilow
  19. Lu-sea Lu
  20. Salter Cronkite 
  21. Usain Boat

These Puns Are Nautical But Nice

  1. The best way to turn back time is to go for boat-ox treatment. 
  2. You’re boat-iful to me!
  3. The small boat came in last but naut least. 
  4. I’ll be sure to remember the big boat race. I’ve tied a knot in my finger! 
  5. I’ll win the boating competition. Schooner or later!
  6. Some boat puns are anchor-rig-ible! But most are ferry funny.
  7. Buying a new boat might anchor additional costs. 
  8. Will I be buying a new boat this year? I’m afraid knot. 
  9. The little boat came in last. He took the sea-nic route!
  10. The skipper said it’s a shore thing, but I’m knot convinced. 
  11. The naut-y little boat succumbed to pier pressure. 
  12. Yeah, buoy!
  13. The little boat could not bait any longer to celebrate his birthday. 
  14. The skipper suddenly realized that the boat was in wave danger. 
  15. This boat is knot for sail. 
  16. There’ll knot be any walking the plank on my watch. 
  17. I bought a second-hand boat. It’s knot too shabby.
  18. It’s time to dock and roll.
  19. It’s salt good!

Let’s Sailabrate With Boat Puns

  1. Close, boat no cigar!
  2. I’m going to kick boat out there. 
  3. My boat is on the line with this project. 
  4. I was so nervous before meeting the famous skipper that I had boat-terflies in my stomach!
  5. I boat-tie is too tight, I feel like I’m boat-ing. 
  6. The captain said he needed at least 8 hours of boat-y sleep each night. 
  7. The nervous little boat was an emotional wreck before the competition. 
  8. What does your wharf say about your boating adventures?
  9. The results may ferry. 
  10. That pirate is considered a ne-ferry-ous villain. 
  11. Of course I enjoy boating!
  12. He’s such a knotty little boy!
  13. I honestly haven’t got a crew. 
  14. You can’t just barge in here like that!
  15. Let me scow you a neat boating trick. 
  16. There are some reely good puns about boats out there. 
  17. Water you think about my new boat?
  18. That’s an inappropriate comment about boats. It should be flagged. 
  19. How are yawl doing? 
  20. I didn’t break the rudder on porpoise. 

These Puns Are Jolly Good

  1. The rowboat used to be the fastest boat in the marina. But yacht’s no longer the case. 
  2. All the other boats think the yacht to be a bit pushy. He keeps on barging his way through them. 
  3. That old canal boat looked like a real wreck after the storm. 
  4. The old anchor rope started a conversation with me, so I asked him if he was a human now. He said he was a frayed knot. 
  5. I bought a new boat. I think we should shell-abrate. 
  6. The sign-writers misspelled by boat’s name. It was very oar-kward! 
  7. I adore boating. Canoe think of a better way to pass the time?
  8. My boat is polite. It’s always giving everyone a bow. 
  9. I wanted to go round the back of the boat, but the skipper gave me a stern look. 
  10. I don’t need to work out, said the ferry. I’m already shipshape. 
  11. I’m sad because I got into a row with my boat. 
  12. The baby boats say they’re afraid of their teacher. Apparently she’s very stern. 
  13. I bought my boat new. Lucky for me, it was on sail!
  14.  Yachts may be ferry fancy, but they don’t really float my boat. 
  15. The little boat was feeling ill, so his mom gave him a dose of vitamin sea. 
  16. Will salmon please help me tow my boat to the dock?
  17. It’s swim oar die!
  18. I enjoyed the book about boating. I was just knot sure about the relevance of the tidal. 
  19. The little boat struggled for a long time to learn how to read. He kept getting stuck at C.
  20. As the boat went down it had a sinking feeling…
  21. All boats that misbehave are nauti buoys.

Now that you’ve barged your way through our list of puns about boats, be shore to share the ones you enjoyed most with your friends. Go on, don’t be a keel-joy!