101 Banana Puns To Peel Them With Laughter

Our banana puns will make your family laugh so hard they’ll look like they’ve gone fruity! Banana puns are awesome fun – and that’s not monkey business. Join us as we go ape!

I’ve A Good Peeling About These Banana Puns

  1. I don’t like the look and peel of certain banana products. 
  2. I can peel it in my bones!
  3. I’m really trying to get a peel for banana bread. 
  4. The banana cake a-peeled to everyone at the party. 
  5. I’m totally bananas for you!
  6. Finding the right recipe isn’t a worry. It’s a one-banana problem!
  7. The new employee at the banana farm is the pick of the bunch. 
  8. Those banana growers are a bunch of fools!
  9. Thanks a bunch for these!
  10. I’m definitely haven-dish after dish of this amazing banana pudding!

You Can’t Split Banana Puns From Fun

  1. What do you call a banana that’s Mr. Popularity? A banana smoothie.
  2. How do bananas answer the phone? Yellow?
  3. Why can’t bananas yell high? Because they can only yellow. 
  4. Why is a banana peel on the floor just like music? If you don’t C sharp, you’ll B flat!
  5. Why did the banana feel unwell? It contracted yellow fever. 
  6. Why did the worker lose his job on the banana farm? He kept throwing all the bent bananas away!
  7. Why was the ice cream get-together cancelled? Because the banana split with the soft serve. 
  8. When will the trail mix have enough money to buy a map? When the banana chips in. 
  9. Why did the banana receive so many valentine gifts? Because it was so sweet!
  10. Why are bananas so funny? Because they tell side-splitting jokes. 
  11. Why was the banana nowhere to be found? Because it had decided to split. 
  12. What’s yellow, sometimes freckled, and always points north? A magnetic banana!
  13. In what position was the banana in Stage 2 of the Tour de France? He was riding with the peel-oton. 
  14. Where do bananas go shopping for clothes? At Banana Republic. 
  15. What’s the best thing to do with a blue banana? Cheer it up!
  16. Why did the monkey keep falling off the bicycle? He slipped off the banana seat. 
  17. How do bananas greet one another? Yellow, how are you today? 
  18. Why do bananas stay married forever? They’re eager not to split. 
  19. What’s the best way to spoil a baby banana? By leaving him out in the sun. 
  20. What’s the best thing to put in a banana pie? Your spoon!

Puns That Don’t Slip Up 

  1. What’s the commonly accepted chemical symbol for a banana? BaNa²
  2. Why don’t bananas snore? Because they’d hate to disturb the rest of the bunch!
  3. What do you call two bananas? A pair of slippers. 
  4. Want to hear a joke about potassium? K, I’ll tell you. 
  5. Where do bananas learn to read and write? At sundae school. 
  6. Why did the banana ask his girlfriend to get married? Because he had developed strong peelings for her. 
  7. How do you spell banana split? Ba-nana. 
  8. What’s a banana’s preferred mode of travel? In a yellow submarine!
  9. Why was the plantain told to leave the classroom? Because it was going bananas!
  10. What did the sick banana say? I’m not peeling well!

Do You Peel Me?

  1. I peel only love for bananas in my heart!
  2. You’re completely ripe – I should just go for it!
  3. We should always do what’s ripe, even when it’s against popular opinion.
  4. I go ape for puns about bananas!
  5. Exercise till you peel the burn!
  6. I peel younger than I am. 
  7. I can peel the goodness of bananas in my bones. 
  8. I’m a-peeling to his better judgement.
  9. Seriously? Have you gone bananas?
  10. Thanks a bunch for the banana cream pie!
  11. I’m peeling energetic enough to go to the gym today. 
  12. You peel me?
  13. Yellow there. 
  14. Do I turn left or ripe at Banana Junction?
  15. Goals are like bananas. They come in bunches. 
  16. Life is like stepping on a banana peel. You slip, get up, and carry on.
  17. Those bananas are solid gold. They’re worth a bunch of money!
  18. Bananas who choose to befriend monkeys are idiots!

Puns Are A-Peeling

  1. My husband is on a diet of bananas. He hasn’t really lost much weight, but he sure can climb a tree!
  2. It’s important that bananas wear sunscreen. They peel easily. 
  3. There’s a good reason a pair of banana skins are also called slippers. 
  4. They’ve decided not to grow bananas any longer. Apparently, they’re long enough as it is!
  5. My boss told me to quit acting like a monkey. I swear I nearly choked on my banana!
  6. I’m peeling good about my answers in the test. 
  7. I’m busy writing a book about banana peels. It’s non-friction. 
  8. Apples can do something bananas can’t. They can look round!
  9. The banana asked the strawberry to the prom because he couldn’t find a date. 
  10. A well-dressed banana is always ap-peel-ing!

Puns To Make You Peel Fine

  1. What do bananas wear when going into battle? Banana-rama. 
  2. What’s a monkey’s favorite dance move? The banana split!
  3. What’s a cool and calm banana’s favorite song? Mellow Yellow. 
  4. If leather shoes can be made from a crocodile, what can be made from bananas? Comfy slippers!
  5. How do monkeys go down stairs so quickly? They make use of the banana-ster. 
  6. What do you call bananas that refuse to stick up for themselves? A big bunch of pansies!
  7. What’s worse than a monkey eating all your bananas? A monkey going bananas on you!
  8. What did the naughty banana’s teacher say to him? Please don’t slip up again!
  9. I’m against eating spoiled bananas. They no longer have any a-peel!
  10. What do you call the time period between slipping on a banana peel and landing on the ground? A bananosecond!
  11. I heard of a guy who dipped fruit in glitter. That was pretty bananas!
  12. What’s yellow and travels at 50 miles per hour? A banana in a washing machine!
  13. Why were the apple and the orange feeling so lonely? Because the banana split!
  14. What has no legs but can do a perfect split? A banana of course!
  15. Why did the little banana win every race he entered? He was really good at peeling away from the bunch.  
  16. What’s the difference between a banana and an elephant? You really wouldn’t want to try peeling an elephant!
  17. What was Beethoven’s favorite snack? Ba-na-na-naaa!
  18. What’s the hippest sort of fruit there is? A bae-nae-nae. 
  19. Why did the banana go to the hairdresser? Because she had split ends. 
  20. What’s yellow and is used to write letters? A ball-point banana. 

These Banana Puns Don’t Ape About

  1. The only key that opens a banana is a monkey!
  2. My friend is in an 80s tribute band who wear yellow metal plates for costumes. Now that’s Banana Armor!
  3. The banana repeatedly failed his driving test. He kept peeling out of the parking bay too fast. 
  4. The banana told me he planned to leave the bunch. He wanted to split. 
  5. The only thing bad banana puns are good for is for baking banana bread!
  6. The banana finally agreed to marry her boyfriend. He told her they would never split.
  7. The banana was overcome with terror when he saw the salad roll. 
  8. That old banana really likes to dance. He’s a real banana shake!
  9. The monkey ate heaps and heaps of bananas. He must like them a bunch!
  10. The banana’s mom made an appointment for him to see a psychiatrist. She was convinced he had a split personality. 
  11. The banana came to show off his new yellow trousers. He said he found them quite a-peeling. 
  12. It’s important to be extra kind to bananas. Their peelings are easily hurt. 
  13. The banana was so sick he had to go to hospital. He had yellow fever.  

Peeling like you’ve had your fill of banana puns by now? Then it’s time to split!