101 Funny Eye Puns That Are Overlooked

It’s not at all hard to see why puns about eyes and sight and vision are so funny. See what we did there? These eye puns just could not be any cornea! 

Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Pun

  1. What did the optometrist say when he had his first Happy Meal? Eye’m loving it!
  2. What did the tomato farmer tell his optometrist? “In Heinz-sight, smearing ketchup into my eyes was probably a bad idea!”. 
  3. What did the optometrist say when he finished his testimony in court? “Iris my case”.
  4.  What’s an optometrist’s favorite gadget? His eye-watch!
  5. What did the optometrist say to the grammar teacher? I don’t understand why eye puns are constantly being overlooked!
  6. Why did the eyes refuse to speak to the spectacles? Because they wanted to contact lenses. 
  7. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to work? Because she had a class filled with bright students. 
  8. What did the man who vowed to track down the thief who stole his spectacles say? Eye’ve got contacts!
  9. Why did the mobile phone start wearing glasses? He lost all his contacts. 
  10. Why did the live streamer refuse to wear his glasses during one of his videos? He was doing a blind run. 
  11. Why did the teenager refuse to take off his old glasses? He was waiting for adult super-vision. 
  12. Why can’t boxers wear glasses during a fight? Because boxing is a contact sport. 
  13. What did the pair of thug glasses say when the police arrested her for robbing a bank? “I would never make such a spectacle of myself! I must have been framed!”. 
  14. What did the left eye say when it met the right eye at the corner? He told her she was looking alright. 
  15. Why were the eyebrows and eyelids always getting into a fight? Because they never saw eye to eye. 
  16. What did one eye whisper to the other? Just between you and me, something smells!
  17. What do you call a deer with no eyes? I have no eye-deer!
  18. Why do garbage removal specialists have such perfect eyesight? Because they have bin-ocular vision!
  19. Why are the eyes the most efficient of all the organs? Because they are always focusing on their work. 
  20. What did the police detective do when he failed to solve the optometrist murder case? He eventually closed the lid on it. 

Eye Puns Can Even Be Eye-Ronic

  1. I always wear glasses when doing math. It helps me with my di-vision!
  2. I love my glasses. I think they make spectacular accessories!
  3. I wear my spectacles to bed at night. They help me see my dreams more clearly. 
  4. I didn’t like the frames on offer at the optometrist’s office. That’s why I decided to have a special pair custom-eye-sed instead!
  5. Sometimes I feel like stepping on my own specs. Eye’m so tired of seeing things!
  6. I have no idea what my impression will be of wearing glasses for the first time. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. 
  7. Getting new glasses has taught me a lot. Eye can see things more clearly now. 
  8. Contact lenses are more comfortable than glasses, at least, in my eyes they are. 
  9. Optometry is an eye-dealistic career. But only for those people who happen to have a good eye for things. 
  10. My optometrist told me I had a bad eye. But I don’t really see the problem. 
  11. “Eye see what you did there!”, was what I told Iris when she cracked a cornea pun. 
  12. Your eyelashes are supposed to protect your eyes from foreign obstacles. Yet most of the time they’re what’s getting stuck in there. I find that so eye-ronic!
  13. I think it’s bad manners to lash out when hearing cornea puns!
  14. I’m an eye specialist who loves to share all my favorite playlists with my friends on eye-tunes. 
  15. My bifocal optometrist is overly optimistic. He’s forever telling me how my glasses are half full!

These Puns Are Pure Eye Candy

  1. Don’t eye this at home, kids!
  2. You shouldn’t eye to walk before you’ve learnt to crawl. 
  3. The optometrist let out a broken-hearted eye. 
  4. Ask me no questions, hear no eyes. 
  5. Eyes and shine!
  6. The unhappy optometrist said she would eyes from the ashes once more. 
  7. My optometrist is so proud, I think he should be cut down to eyes!
  8. Every successful optometrist knows the importance of cornea-ing the market. 
  9. Bad eyesight seems to be spreading like an iris around here!
  10. Pupils who live in houses made of glass-es should not throw stones. 
  11. I could not see where the edge was, which left me on the blink of destruction!
  12. Holy brow! Eye did not see that coming!
  13. Don’t stop me brow!
  14. Sacred brows are often filled with eye-rony. 
  15. I’ll see you in a lash!
  16. He’s a young and successful optometrist. Must be beginner’s look. 
  17. The optometrist kept his eye on the prize and ultimately won by a lens-slide!
  18. I fell look, stock, and barrel for the handsome optometrist. 
  19. Better look next time!

More Great Eye Puns 

  1. What kind of games do frames most like playing? Tag. 
  2. What do you call an optometrist from Norway? Toric the Viking. 
  3. Why did the optometry teacher quit her job? She could not control her pupils. 
  4. Why did the optometrist want to visit the beach? She heard there was plenty of eye candy. 
  5. How does one eyeball congratulate the next on a job well done? By giving his mate an eye-five!
  6. Why do optometrists enjoy purchasing new gadgets? Because they’re very eye-tech. 
  7. Why are optometrists and teachers cut from the same cloth? Both love testing pupils. 
  8. Why did the pupil decide to break up with the eyebrow? She was forever lashing out at him. 
  9. What did the eyeballs say to the contact lenses? We can’t take our eyes off of you!
  10. What type of salt has the best vision? Sea salt. 
  11. Why do tomatoes always have perfect vision? Because Heinz-sight is always 20-20.

That’s How Eye Roll

  1. Sadly, I’ve lost 20 percent of my sight. Sigh…
  2. I lost my contact lenses, but I can’t tell my mom. She told me to keep an eye on them!
  3. I went to see the eye doctor about my problem. His solution was a bit blurry at first. 
  4. Even with all the jokes about having 20/20 vision, I bet no one saw this one coming!
  5. Puns about eyes aren’t actually puns. They’re optical illusions. 
  6. Oh, what I wooden do for a prosthetic eyeball!
  7. Either eye’m color-blind, or this is a completely purples-less existence. 
  8. I might lose all vision in both my eyes soon. Still, I’m trying to stay optometristic about the entire affair. 
  9. Don’t tell me nobody cares about your failing vision. Eye care!
  10. I don’t need an escort, I’ll just see myself out!
  11. I don’t know eye I left my spectacles at home!
  12. Hearing I might go blind sure was a bitter pupil to swallow!
  13. The old drunkard spectacles winks like a fish!
  14. Come to wink of it… Eye see what how they did it now. 
  15. Lashes to lashes. 
  16. Lash and burn!
  17. The little eye was as sight as a button!
  18. Everyone should have the sight to choose whether to wear glasses or contact lenses!

If you thought these were funny, keep an eye out for our other puns. See what we did there?