101 Frog Puns That Hop With Laughter

Before you leap to any conclusions about the quality of our frog puns, be sure to give them a fly yourself. We hop you enjoy ‘em, we think they’re unfrogetable!

Frog Puns We Made Up On The Fly

  1. Why should you never lend a frog a book? Because they’ll just rib-it. 
  2. Why are frogs always happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them!
  3. What do frogs enjoy eating? Lolli-hops. 
  4. How does one frog greet another frog? “Wart’s new?”
  5. What do you get when you cross a frog with a sci-fi movie? Star Warts. 
  6. Why did the little frog feel so lonely? Because he was newt to his area. 
  7. What do you call a talking frog? A quantum leap!
  8. Why did the hooded frog go into the bank? Because he wanted to robbit. 
  9. Which is the only frog that has horns? A bull frog!
  10. What’s another term for a frog spy? A croak and dagger agent!

Croak Out Those Frog Puns!

  1. This documentary about frogs is ribbeting!
  2. Oh no! I completely frog-ot. 
  3. I love tadpoles. They’re froggin’ awesome! 
  4. You gotta love a good frog pun. They’re toad-ally awesome. 
  5. The frog paid a toadal of $30 for his new home. 
  6. Here’s hopping these frog puns are enjoyable. 
  7. Every time the fancy little tadpole exits a room, she leaves behind a lovely frog-grance. 
  8. We need to frogo our privileges to help others. 
  9. Our holiday was toad-ally unfrog-getable. 
  10. I’ll only be buying the bare necessities this month. I’m trying to be frog-al. 
  11. I’m so excited because toaday is the big day!
  12. The tadpole got into trouble for telling am-fib-ians. 
  13. That old frog is so forgetful, he’s completely unde-pond-able!
  14. I used too many frog puns and got sus-pond-ed. 
  15. She’s hopping mad!
  16. The old frog never leaves his home anymore. He’s a real kermit. 
  17. Always drive slowly when there’s frog, it makes it harder to see. 
  18. I really hop to one day start my own business. 
  19. I enjoy frog puns so much, I think I’ve developed a de-pond-ancy!
  20. I wish those frogs would stop bugging me at night with their sing-songs. 

Puns That Are Hoptical Illusions 

  1. What’s a frog’s favorite food? Anything from iHop. 
  2. What do you call it when a frog is sad? Unhoppy. 
  3. What’s a frog’s favourite type of shoes? Open-toad sandals. 
  4. What do you call a frog that’s constantly telling lies? An am-fib-bian!
  5. What’s a frog’s favorite fast-food meal? A diet croak with a helping of French flies on the side. 
  6. What’s a frog’s favorite car? A beetle! 
  7. What do you call a toad that has just turned 100? An old croak!
  8. How do you pick up an amphibian hitchhiker? You tell it to hop in. 
  9. What did the little tadpole enjoy drinking in winter? Hot croak-co. 
  10. What did the frog dress up as for the fancy-dress party? He went as a prince. 
  11. Why do frogs make bad partners? Because they’re always jumping to conclusions. 
  12. Why do all tadpoles want to be rappers when they grow up? Because they’re all into hip-hop!
  13. Why did the frog end up in jail? Because he robbed the riverbank. 
  14. What’s a frog’s favorite year? Leap year!
  15. What do you get when you cross a frog with a snake? A jump rope!

Toad-Ally Hilarious Frog Puns

  1. Why did the toad have coffee first thing every morning? Because it made him feel less froggy. 
  2. How does a frog with a broken leg feel? Very unhoppy!
  3. Where’s the best place to buy frog’s eggs from? The spawn shop. 
  4. Why did the frog pay the parking meter? Because he was afraid of getting toad away. 
  5. Why should you never buy a frog a book as a birthday present? Because he’s probably already reddit. 
  6. What goes dot-dot-croak, dot-dot-dash-croak? Morse toad!
  7. What does a frog without any money say? Baroke, baroke, baroke!
  8. When is a car a lot like a frog? When it’s being toad. 
  9. What do frogs enjoy wearing to bed at night? Jumpsuits. 
  10. Why did the young frog get arrested by the police? He kermit-ted a crime. 
  11. What did the bus driver say to the frog? “Hop on then!”
  12. Did you hear about the frog that was short-sighted? He went to the hopthalmologist. 
  13. What jumps up and down in front of an oncoming car? Frotlights!
  14. What’s another name for an illegally parked frog? Toad!
  15. What’s a tadpole’s favorite game? Hop-scotch!
  16. How deep is a frog pond? Knee-deep, knee-deep! 
  17. What did the frog say when she taught the tadpole about washing windows? “Rub it, rub it!”
  18. Why do frogs enjoy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Because they’re already wearing green.
  19. What’s a frog’s favorite saying? Time’s fun when you’re having flies!
  20. What game do tadpoles enjoy playing during their lunch break? Croak-ey! 

Frogs Often Jump The Pun

  1. Who does it help to have around when you need to stop your car in a restricted area? Permit the Frog. 
  2. What do you call a girl with a frog-clip in her hair? Lily!
  3. What music do sophisticated frogs enjoy listening to? Hopera. 
  4. Why do frogs make such great basketball players? Because they take all the jump shots!
  5. What did the first frog ever to land on the moon say? “This is a quantum leap for all mankind.”

Frog Puns That Are Hoppin’ Good

  1. The cool group of frogs made a grand entry. Three walked briskly while the fourth one just ducked in. 
  2. When the old frog asked me what I was going to do next, I told him I was just going to hop over to the shop. 
  3. Everybody loves the new band of frogs on the block. Their tunes are toad-ally cool!
  4. The frog told me he crashed his car last night. He said it was so froggy that he couldn’t see anything beyond 2 meters. 
  5. Frogs have feelings too. Sometimes they’ll be hoppy, and sometimes not. 

Don’t frog-get to share all your favorite frog puns with your family – your kids will love them. Go on, hop to it!